Helpful Downloads

# Name Description Download Doc/IMG
1 Self-Assessment Denise McGuire The purpose of this assessment is to help you identify the areas of your golf game that impact your performance. Please answer these questions honestly in order to get the most accurate feedback possible. Download
2 Why Does Traditional Training Fail to Optimize Playing Performance Practice research done by Dr. Robert W. Christina of University of North Carolina - Greensboro and Eric Alpenfels from Pinehurst Golf Institute Download
3 Transfer of Driving Performance as a Function of Two Practice Methods Research on transferring your driving game to the course by Dr. Bob Christina from the University of North Carolina - Greensboro, Eric Alpenfels from Pinehurst Golf Institute, and Nabori Santiago from Better Golf Through Technology Download
4 College Golf Recruiting Comparison Checklist Utilize this checklist to rate each school based on numerous categories Download
5 Coaching Questionnaire If your coach doesn't utilize or ask you to complete a questionnaire, please complete this one and email it to him or her to help facilitate a plan for your improvement. Download
6 A.C.E. Game The goal in golf is to get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of attempts. Your goal however is to do the best you can with every shot you hit by staying in the present. How you do that and stay focused on what you WANT to do will always come down to the process, or your routine, for each shot. With so many tour players and great golfers talking about getting engaged in the process of each shot, there needs to be a way to measure the success rate in which you're in the present and into the process ... ACE is exactly that! It will help you create a quieter, productive mind instead of congested mind. Download
7 A.C.E. Game Scorecard Take this scorecard with you when you play - it is the real judge of your success! You can enter your percentage score into for 9-hole rounds OR 18-hole rounds. Download
8 Salvage Your Round Worksheets There are going to be bad days on the course but you must never give up. You need to turn a terrible day of ball striking or a bad hole into a good score. You need to be able to purge a bad hole or bad shot from your mind and move on. The next several pages will help you do just that. It is recommended that one or more of the following pages be placed on your bedroom wall or in some other area where they can be frequently seen and used. Next time you’re on the course performing below average don’t make it worse by moping around the course ... dig deep, have pride, and show 'em what you're made of! Download
9 Spiral Printable Scorecard This scorecard can be used while playing the Putting Game titled Spiral to help record your putts on paper. Then the total percentages can be entered into the website. Download

Product FAQs

You have the choice to setup either a monthly or yearly membership. You will have access to all the games, your individual stats, and the global leaderboards.
You have the choice to setup either a monthly or yearly membership. If an admin purchases additional user slots during a yearly membership, the user cost will be prorated. When a group membership is purchased, the group admin will have access to all their individual users information and game uploads. The group admin account will not count against the overall purchased user slots. You will have access to all the games, your individual stats, group stats, global and group leaderboards.
If at any time you need to cancel your membership, please submit an email to our contact page by visiting here
On the left side of the website there is a list of menu items. Click the one titled “Manager Users.” That will bring up a window with four tabs across the top. Click the one that reads “Add Members.” Enter the information on that page and each of your players/students will receive an email just as you did asking them to Complete Their Registration.
After you add your players/students in the “Add Members” tab they will receive an email from your email address asking them to complete their registration. If for some reason, they do not receive that email, they need to check their Junk Box and if they still cannot locate it you will need to contact us so that we can send them the appropriate link.
Unfortunately you cannot. There is so much math and numbers going in a lot of directions that new additions need to be done by us. However, if you have a game that you’d like to see added to the site in the future please email us the rules and we’ll seriously consider adding it.
You will need to contact us with the Game, Date and Incorrect Score you submitted and we will remove it.
Absolutely! The website has been developed to be extremely mobile friendly. It is very easy to enter your practice scores through your phone!
Yes, the administrator of the account can easily submit the scores for any of his or her players/students.
It takes 3 scores to be submitted for a particular game for those scores to be displayed on the Leaderboards.
“Trending Average” to see how you’re doing in a more recent time frame. “Lifetime Average” sets the premise that every practice session will matter so don’t slack. “Best Score” to have a contest against a friend or for the entire team/student-base to have a season long contest.
Monthly Memberships are recurring every month and you must commit for at least one year. After that, if you have mastered the game of golf and decide to stop your membership, just simply email us to do so. Yearly memberships are recurring each year. After that, if you have mastered the game of golf and decide to stop your membership, just simply email us to do so.
Yes, if you purchase a membership for 10 users, you’ll get those 10 plus an account for yourself that works in the exact way as your students/players.

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